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Teaching the next generation about making great soil!

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Here is a blog post from a happy customer detailing how we created his beautiful landscape.

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  Would you like your yard to be eco-friendly and beautiful yet easy to maintain?

You have a yard. You care about the environment and would like your yard to be good for the environment and look nice too.  You know your yard is not as beautiful or as sustainable as it could be, yet you are not sure how to make it so. You wonder:

  • how can I manage and use the rain water?
  • how can I have very little or no lawn?
  • what plants will work?
  • how could I grow some or more veggies or even berries and fruit?
  • will I be able to easily maintain my yard?
  We will be a good fit if:
  • you want to be proud of your yard for its environmental friendliness
  • you want to love your yard (“it’s beautiful and healthy! children and pets are safe here!”)
  • you want to easily maintain your yard without chemicals
  • you don’t really know what plants will work and how to put it all together, so you need a design
  • you need a crew to create this beautiful yard for you
  • you need someone to help you weed and prune your lovely yard
  We tailor a design to your desires and your site. Then we install it with our eco-friendly techniques.

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  View some of our projects and read what happy clients say.

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  We spray your yard three times a season- all your plants and trees (up to 40 feet high) with a liquid compost tea. Like a pro-biotic, it keeps your yard healthy.

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Contact Laureen today:

Phone 403-969-1176

or email us at:


Eco-yards creative team and muscle are here to serve!

Laureen RamaI am Laureen Rama, owner of Eco-yards™. My life-long passion has been beautifying landscapes in ways that enhance the natural environment. I especially love using perennial and wild flowers. I started Eco-yards™ after I fell ill with chemical sensitivities. Doing this work helped me become well. I love working with clients to create healthy spaces that delight them and their neighbours.

Many people told me they want an environmentally-friendly, healthy yard and don’t know how to go about changing their maintenance practices or the yard design and features. So I wrote a book: Eco-yards™: Simple steps to earth-friendly landscapes and produced a video: Eco-yards: How to Build Them.

I keep learning as clients ask for more sustainable ways to do their yards.

How Eco-yards™can help you:

Calgary Low-Maintenance LandscapingEco-yards™ supports the vision of a healthy, abundant planet in which urban yards contribute to restoring the natural ecosystem and feed our souls with beauty.

We can help you have a healthy, beautiful, low-maintenance yard. We offer:

  • Landscape design services to tailor-make a design for your yard. We can incorporate hardy, perennial flowers; native plants; xeriscaping; water-wise landscaping; vegetable gardens; raised beds; edible landscaping; food forests and permaculture.
  • Landscape installation including all of the above and also hardscaping: paver stone or flagstone patios and walkways and wood features (e.g. fences and decks).
  • Eco-yards spray service - an aerated compost tea spray to fertilize and improve the health of trees, lawns and gardens.
  • Maintenance- regular weeding and pruning of your beds and Spring and Fall clean-ups.

    These services are available in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area.
    And for do-it-yourselfers anywhere in the world:

  • The Book: Eco-yards™: Simple steps to earth-friendly landscapes
  • The DVD: Eco-yards: How to Build Them.

Calgary Low-Maintenance LandscapingWe might get along really well if you: 

  • love the flowers your Gramma had in her yard
  • buy organic and experiment with making kombucha tea and growing sprouts
  • love to show kids fragrant flowers and interesting insects
  • give up your seat on the train or bus for old folks and open doors for others
  • believe that land can be sacred
  • try to reduce your carbon footprint by riding your bike, turning down the heat, etc.

Sound like what you need? Explore our Services, peek at our Gallery and email Laureen
at or call her at 403-969-1176 to tell her what you need.

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