Eco-yards Lawn Installation & Overseeding

There still can be a place for lawn.

We recommend replacing your lawn with hardy, native grasses that require little water and grow low so they don’t even need to be mowed. These grasses also grow well here and out-compete weeds. We generally replace lawn by overseeding.

We believe that when it comes to a lawn, less is more.

Lawns take more work than most other types of landscapes. A beautiful space filled with beds of flowers, trees, shrubs and native plants are easier and much better for the environment. These other plantings provide more diversity in the ecosystem, feed pollinating insects, and soak up more moisture which helps restore underground water aquifers.

Overseeding your Existing Lawn:

We overseed your lawn in the late fall or spring with hardy grass seed. Depending on your situation, we may spread compost with the grass seed or use a slit-seeder to place the seed into a groove in your lawn. It will take 2 to 4 applications over 1 to 4 years for the hardy grasses to take over from the previous grass (usually Kentucky Bluegrass). In shady spots, it is usually about 2 applications while sunny spots may take additional applications.

The general cost for overseeding a lawn with hardy grass seed (including spreading compost) is usually about $500 – $1500 for up to 250 square metres (or 2690 square feet) depending on the layout of your yard.

This is the cost per application and it takes usually 2-4 applications (over 1 to 4 years) for the overseeding to take over from the existing grass.

We need to do a quote for your overseeding applications – contact us.

Seeding your lawn from scratch

No existing lawn? No problem. We can install a new eco-friendly lawn with hardy grass that will not need to be mowed. Because these indigenous grasses already thrive here, they require much less water. All of our new eco-friendly lawns are installed using rich, weed-free composted soil.

We seed in Spring or Fall and will come once or twice more to fill in any patchy areas. Usually, we use Sheep’s Fescue grass as it grows only 6 to 8 inches high and then lays down so need not be mowed. It is lush, fine and very green. As it grows in a bunch – it will not spread by roots into your flower beds and yet is even to walk on. Sheep’s Fescue looks great as a lawn and will fit in with your neighbours’ lawns just fine. With roots that go 6-8 inches deep, this grass must be seeded as it cannot be found as a sod that can be laid.

We’ll visit your site to do an estimate for seeding your eco-friendly lawn.

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After Laureen overseeded our lawn, the grass seemed to green up faster than anyone else’s. It looked thicker and lusher. I’ve only had the Eco-yards™ Spray for one year and the grass looks stronger and greener – I’m going to continue the service

Cindy T.

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