Tree Restore

We provide our Tree Restore Service as an add-on to our seasonal Eco-yards Spray service. It is for clients who have trees that need extra support.

For example, clients tell us the Tree Restore service has:
• Brought a giant Elm tree infected with Elm Scale back to health
• Saved a Pear tree that was originally planted too deeply
• Stopped the progression of Fire Blight for a mature Mountain Ash tree
• Helped Spruce trees recover from road salt damage

Elm Tree Restored to Health

Our Pear tree is doing well after the Tree Restore service. Last year it had just a few leaves and now it looks much healthier. Not many pears yet but maybe next year! An arbourist looked at it a few years ago and thought that we should replace it. I’m glad we didn’t!
Laura L’Heureux

Everything looks perkier since we signed up for the Tree Restore service and Eco-yards compost tea spray, not just the trees. The hostas under the Mountain Ash are huge – I can’t get my arms around them. Hostas don’t usually grow that large in Calgary. The flowers near the house are larger too. It is really something!


An arbourist, who recommends the Eco-yards compost tea Spray service to her clients, asked that we offer something more for troubled trees and suggested options.
In 2014, we started testing ways to prepare the ground under and around trees so the compost tea we use could penetrate deeply to the tree roots. We tested different techniques in Laureen and another staff person’s yards.
In 2016, after we had worked out the best method, we did trials with 5 clients’ trees. The clients said it was working – the trees looked healthier. We continued the trials for 3 years with those trees to perfect our method.
In 2019 and 2020, we offered the Tree Restore service more broadly to our regular Eco-yards Spray clients with good results for their trees. Now we are letting all of Calgary and the surrounding area know about our Tree Restore service.


First you will need to sign up here for the 3 applications of Eco-yards Spray per season.
The additional cost of the Tree Restore service depends on the size of the tree,  the configuration of the ground around the tree, and how many trees you want to receive the extra Tree Restore service.
•  photos from all angles of each tree
• the measurement from the farthest the tree branches reach out on one side of the tree across to the farthest the branches reach out on the other side (the width of the dripline of the tree) for each tree
The Eco-Yards team will then phone you to verify the information. Then we will email you a quote for preparing the ground under and around the tree or trees. We will also include the cost for the extra compost tea to be used that season.
The ground preparation is done in the Spring and usually lasts 2 to 4 years before it needs to be redone. The cost is usually a few hundred dollars to prepare the ground depending on the trees. Each time the Eco-yards crew comes to spray your yard, they will pour extra compost tea into the ground prepared under the tree thus the small additional charge for extra tea.

Contact us now to set up your Eco-yards™ Spray and Tree Restore service today!


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