Eco-yards™ Spray

Why should I use Eco-yards™ Spray

Eco-yards™ Spray is an aerated compost tea spray, made with high quality compost and organic fertilizers. Our chemical-free yard care service is to spray the leaves and needles of all your trees (up to 40 feet or 12 m high), your shrubs, lawn and other plants and soil. The Eco-yards™ Spray service is offered three times a season in Calgary and region to bring more life and health to your plants.

Eco-yards™ Spray builds the micro-organic ecosystem (or soil foodweb) in your yard so that your plants can get the nutrients they need from your soil. Your plants will be healthier and healthy plants tend to resist diseases and troublesome insects and need less water and fertilizer.

  • Eco-yards™ Compost Tea Spray is a probiotic for your yard. Eco-yards™ Spray is unique in that it not only fertilizes, it is rich with the beneficial soil micro-organisms present on leaf surfaces and in the soil. These tiny micro-organisms (beneficial bacteria, fungus, nematodes and protozoa) store nutrients and interact with plants at their roots and on leaf surfaces to deliver those nutrients to the plants.

How is it Made?

Eco-yards™ Spray is made by taking quality compost, putting it in filtered water, adding lots of great organic fertilizers (e.g. kelp, fish hydrolysate), and aerating it heavily for 24 hours or more. The micro-organisms in the compost multiply very quickly, due to the high oxygen levels, to make a rich soup of beneficial soil micro-organisms that will really perk up all the plants in your yard and build the long-term health of your soil and plants.

Pre-pay and SAVE


Our Eco-Yard Spray packages include 3 applications of our Compost Tea during the growing season. Your yard will be sprayed in May-June, late July and mid-September. Online payment method is PayPal or info is given on how to send a cheque.


We used to have compost spread on our lawn every season. Then we found Laureen Rama’s Eco-yards™ Spray. Our lawn is consistently the nicest on the block and we don’t baby it – we just had Laureen’s spray.

Mary Jo F.

I have a Toba Hawthorn that had a rust problem – it was about 60% infested. By the end of the first season of Eco-yards™ Spray there was only a trace of rust – it’s the healthiest it’s ever been. I also have had very little winter dieback on my other plants even though we had an early freeze. I have signed up for this year!

Sarah C.

In the late fall of 2014 and early summer of 2015 I had all my trees trimmed and treated for the damage received during the September 2014 snowfall that damaged so many trees around the city. The arbourist was quite pleasantly surprised to see we had such healthy and quite old (for Calgary) blue spruce trees. The arbourist had not seen any around the city that did not have a spider mite infestation and that were not struggling in our climate. Ours have neither complaint. I attribute it to their regular compost tea sprays for the last many years, as they were struggling when we took over the property 12 years ago. With regular care and your compost tea spray they are growing strong and healthy at well over 135 years.


The people renovating my yard said I have the nicest grass they have ever dug up – the soil is so soft. And my apple tree had always had aphids under the new leaves and ants farming them. Since you have been spraying the Eco-yards™ Spray, the undersides of those leaves have been clean.

Carol A.

I had the Eco-yards™ spray services last year. I only watered the lawn 3 or 4 times that summer. The lawn stayed green and healthy and yet it didn’t grow faster so I didn’t have to mow more often. The shrubs and perennials looked healthier; the leaves are shiny and a nicer colour. The perennials flowered nicely. The shrubs and perennials didn’t need anything in the way of fertilizer. The evergreens have perked up, they have a nicer, greener colour and less brown spots. I’m signing up for the service again this year!

Norma L.

I have noticed a dramatic change in my yard in the few years that you have been helping with landscaping and providing Eco-yards™ Spray. I was surprised this year to notice how my huge forty year old mountain ash and poplar trees have improved. They were diseased which mostly showed up in severely disfigured leaves. This year the leaves were mostly normal and lush thanks to all that you have done!

Joan C.

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