Individual Soul Sprays

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Soul Sprays

Revitalize Yourself and Your Surroundings with Soul Sprays


Soul sprays support you in restoring soul qualities to yourself and your surroundings.
Create sanctuaries of beauty in your everyday life in just a moment. Tension drops away and harmony emerges as you experience the exquisite, luscious scents and the subtle energies of Soul Sprays.

Laureen Rama’s Soul Sprays are more than aromatherapy! They combine the power of shamanism with the spiritual and aromatic essences of life-affirming plants. Infused with loving intention and shamanic magic, they support you in restoring vitality.


What’s Unique About Laureen Rama’s Soul Sprays?

Laureen Rama’s Soul Sprays contain exquisite essential oil blends that offer the benefits of aromatherapy. Precious and high-quality oils are used because they are the most effective. All ingredients are 100% pure and natural.

Vibrational flower essences add soulfulness and vitality.

The shamanic process used in crafting the Soul Sprays further enhances their effects.

Soul Sprays smell beautiful and feel wonderful.

When people try Soul Sprays, they visibly respond. They laugh out loud with Joy, stand taller with

Self, and physically relax with Pleasure.

Try them, you’ll love them!

What Soul Sprays Can Do for You and Your Home, Yard and Workplace

Soul Sprays support you in restoring authentic aliveness to you and your home, yard and workplace! They are energetically powerful and each has a luscious fragrance that doesn’t linger.

Clear Soul Spray

To ground, relax, and release unwanted energies. A light, heavenly scent with a touch of sandalwood and a hint of florals.


Supports playfulness, laughter, humour, joy, curiosity, openness to learning, the ability to flow with natural rhythms, innocence, faith, reverence for life, appreciation of beauty, and sense of connection with spirit. A light, fruity scent blend with a touch of tangerine.


Supports the ability to unconditionally love others, gregariousness, and the desire to interact with others. A gentle, luscious rose scent.


Supports sexuality, sensuality, the ability to enjoy being physical, and loving the physical body. A rich blend of precious florals with a shade of patchouli.

Strong Self

Supports self-love, self-esteem, self-trust, and self-nurture. A deeply refreshing scent with herbs, pine, and a hint of rose.


Supports assertiveness, ability to defend yourself and what’s important to you, putting yourself first appropriately, drive, courage, and self-expression. A lively, savory blend with rosemary and ginger.


Who Uses Soul Sprays?

  • Those who love experiencing beauty and pleasure
  • Those who work with people, such as medical practitioners, counsellors, massage therapists. They use Soul Sprays and Soul Drops:
    – to clear and tone their energies and spaces before and after seeing clients
    – to support clients in relaxing, clearing, and transformation
  • Professionals who want to perform at their best with grace, ease, and joy.
  • Those who want to use pure, natural products made in a socially and spiritually conscious, environmentally-friendly way.
  • Children and teens love Soul Sprays and Soul Drops too! Children helped formulate the scent blends in Soul Sprays.

Using Soul Sprays

Spritz four or five times around your body at arm’s length. For a room, spray upwards in all areas, including each corner and in the middle. Use at least four times daily at first to build resonance. To maintain the desired soul quality over time, use Soul Sprays daily in the morning and evening.
You can also use Soul Sprays as often as you want to experience their magic. You can use all the sprays at once. The suggested order (from lighter to stronger) is Clear, Joy, Love, Pleasure, Self, Assert.

Soul Sprays are most effective when used in conjunction with the matching Soul Drops.

Your Intention is the Key

Soul Drops and Soul Sprays support your intention to bring more of the qualities you desire to you or your environs. Focusing on your intention, allowing the strong desire of your heart to come through, is the key element. Personal rituals, affirmations, and meditation are methods you can use to focus your intention. Develop your own magical ways to use Soul Drops and Sprays!

How Soul Drops and Sprays Came to Be

Laureen Rama had a vision in the Summer of 2000 that the spiritual essences of plants could support the healthy integration and expression of twenty-seven essential soul qualities. Laureen developed Soul Drop formulas to support in integrating families of these soul qualities. Soul Drops are a shamanically potentized mix of flower essences and liqueurs (as preservatives).

Soul Spray formulas consist of related Soul Drops, rich aromatic oils, and purified water blended and shamanically energized by Laureen to increase their potency. The aromatic oils lend a beautiful energy and fragrance to each spray but the power of the sprays is much more than just the aromatic effect.

Release Soul Drops and Clear Soul Spray are specially formulated to support you in releasing energetic baggage holding you back from achieving your dreams and living fully.

All of these products were made in a ceremonial way from start to finish. Their energies were strengthened through a number of energetic and ceremonial techniques.

Investment: $25 Cdn. per 125 ml/4 oz. bottle plus shipping and handling, (plus GST in Canada)
Clear Soul Spray is $20 Cdn. per 60 ml bottle plus shipping and handling. (plus GST in Canada)


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Joy, Love, Pleasure, Strong Self, Assert, Clear, Full Set


60 ml, 80 ml, 125 ml


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