Thanks For another Great Season in 2021!

Thanks to all of our crew, clients and supporters for another great season.  With the weather change, we have now completed our 2021 season of field work.   2021 was a challenging and exciting year for Eco-Yards.  We completed some very interesting projects which you will be able to see photos of on the website soon.   We worked safely and effectively through Covid, and received great feedback from our clients on the attitude of our friendly teams and the quality of their excellent work.   

Our focus will now shift to planning for next season, and we are already well along the way to designing, estimating and planning for exciting new projects in 2022.   

The Fall and Winter is a great time to get a design completed and booked into the queue of projects that we can start in the spring of 2022.  

Our Eco-Yards Spray compost tea sign up is coming in the next day or two and don’t worry, the deadline will be mid-December for the early sign up winter pricing.  We will hold the pricing level from last year and would like to increase our number of spray clients to offset some of the price increases we’ve seen.  So tell your friends!

Lastly, this year has been an exciting year due to the transition in ownership from Laureen to Bob.  We plan to maintain the basic principals which Eco-Yards stands for as Laureen transitions into a support role.   Thanks Laureen for the great foundation this company is built on!   And thanks for the friendly welcome from the many clients I’ve been able to meet.  I’m looking forward to serving you well with all your Eco-Yard needs!