Design and Installation

We create beautiful, environmentally-friendly landscapes uniquely tailored to suit your lifestyle, desires, and your site

Eco-yards™ environmentally-friendly landscaping specialties:

  • Featuring hardy, native and drought-tolerant plants that suit your site and can withstand the Calgary climate so they need little care.
  • Using water-wise, xeriscaping, and permaculture techniques that minimize the need for watering in the long-term. These include: wood chip mulch, French drains that run water underground into landscapes, as well as rock rivers and swales that distribute water above ground throughout landscapes.


  • Installing plants and features, including eco-friendly lawns, that can be maintained naturally, chemical and pesticide-free, and are low-maintenance. This prevents the need to fertilize and minimizes  weeding and watering. 
  • Putting in raised vegetable beds or vegetable areas, fruit trees and berry bushes to support you in growing your own food.
  • Hardscaping such as paved areas using pre-made bricks or flagstone, retaining walls, fences, decks, rock gardens and other constructed features. We have wonderful sub-contractors we use for other features. (e.g. concrete, ponds)
  • We listen closely to you and design and install the most harmonious and beautiful mix of features and plants to uniquely suit your desires and your site.

Eco-yards is a professional and knowledgeable team. Eco-yards met our needs of being low-maintenance and absolutely beautiful at the same time. 
Laureen’s seamless procedure took us through blueprinting the space, selecting appropriate plants, and placing those plants accordingly. 
Along the way, she provided a wealth of advice that was invaluable – not only does she want you to enjoy your new space now, but for years to come, and she has all the expertise to ensure that next season’s blooms are as beautiful as they are today. 
Thank you,

Henri and Angelique

Laureen and her crew designed and transformed my previously lawned backyard into a xeriscaped space that continues to attract birds and bees. She overcame the challenge of the steep slope by sourcing tree trunks instead of building expensive retaining walls. The crew are respectful and thorough and I would commend her services to all.

Judy Hope

I love the flower gardens Laureen did for me. I spoke with Laureen, giving her an idea of what I wanted and she implemented exactly what I had envisioned. Within 72 hours it was done! The layout, the timing of flowering, and the colour scheme are perfect. Now when I sit in my dining room looking at my beautiful garden it completes the view. It is much more enjoyable to sit on our front porch too. Before it was just grass and now we have this beautiful yard! Thank you so much Laureen.

Donna C.

I really love what your company does – so logical to use wood chip mulch. While there is still some weeding, it is so much easier than it used to be. 

Monica D.

I love the variety of plants and the layout. We have colour all growing season long and the differing heights of the plants works well, especially on our hill. 

Glenn M.

Please note:

Our custom landscape designs are individually costed out and quoted. The initial consultation cost can be quoted over the phone with a simple description of your project and what you would like to achieve. 

 The design cost is determined once we see your site and learn the scope of the project after the initial consultation.

The cost for the project installation is estimated once the design is finalized. We plan for keeping this within the budget you give us in the initial consultation.

Our design process

From consultation to creation

At our design consultation, we discuss your objectives for your yard (e.g. a quiet sanctuary in the back, a low-maintenance front yard with curb appeal), your likes and dislikes and any other parameters. Together we go through your yard and look at the different views of it from within your home.

Preliminary Design

After the consultation, we will share our initial concept ideas

Professional Design

After the approval of the initial concepts, we do the design plan and estimate.


Once the design plan and estimate are approved, we schedule the creation of your eco-yard.

Contact us now to start your Eco-yards™ project today!

Call early – fall or winter are the best times to plan and design.

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