We'll do the work. You enjoy your yard.

We’ll take care of your Spring and Fall Clean-Ups, regular bed maintenance and/or mulching.

We provide regularly scheduled yard and garden bed maintenance services.  We’ll come and do the weeding, pruning and clean up, and can also do other small improvement jobs such as planting. 

We also do Spring and Fall Cleanups!

In Spring, we will weed and clean up your flower beds (break perennial stalks and remove any excess leaves and debris), lightly rake debris off your lawn if needed and haul debris away for composting.

In Fall, we will weed, and rake your leaves and haul them away for composting.

To be effective, the mulch in your yard should cover the soil with 1-3 inches of mulch.  If it’s getting thin or you’re seeing bare spots, you can have us top up your mulch. 

We can top up the wood chip mulch in your yard on a time and material cost basis.  We can drop by and estimate how much you need.  Or you can  let us know how much you need or give us the dimensions of your beds and we can calculate it.  Then we’ll deliver and spread your mulch. 

Call Bob Rama at 403-990-8511 to talk about your maintenance needs and for an estimate.

The rate is $65/staff hour.

Contact us now to set up your maintenance schedule today!