Our Services

Design & Install

We create beautiful environmentally-friendly landscapes, uniquely tailored to suit your lifestyle, desires and your site. Click the photo for more information.

Eco-yards™ Spray

Eco-yards™ Spray is an aerated compost tea spray, made with high quality compost and organic fertilizers. Click the photo to learn more.


Spring and/or fall clean-ups, mulching or regular bed maintenance. Click the photo for more detail.

Let Us Show you how you can have an eco-friendly, beautiful, and easy-to-maintain Yard!

We will be a good fit if:

  • You want to be proud of your yard for its environmental friendliness
  • You want to love your yard (“it’s beautiful and healthy! children and pets are safe here!”)
  • You want to easily maintain your yard without chemicals
  • You don’t really know what plants will work and how to put it all together, so you need a design
  • You need a crew to create this beautiful yard for you
  • You need someone to help you weed and prune your lovely yard

What our clients are saying

I have noticed a dramatic change in my yard in the few years that you have been helping with landscaping, providing Eco-yards™ Spray, composting, and seeding with this lovely new grass, adding new perennial beds and improving the old ones.  As I enjoy working and being in my yard, the changes you have provided have increased my pleasures exponentially. I also feel a sense of grounded connection when inside my home.

Joan C.

I look forward to driving into my own driveway now – my yard has curb appeal and harmony. Laureen nailed the concept I was looking for and we had a fun, creative process working it out together. I found Laureen to be extremely knowledgeable and time and money conscious with the landscaping design work. That was followed up by a hand’s on personal involvement with Tender Loving Care overseeing all details of the installation. 
Kel S.

I love the flower gardens Laureen did for me. I spoke with Laureen, giving her an idea of what I wanted and she implemented exactly what I had envisioned. Within 72 hours it was done! The layout, the timing of flowering, and the colour scheme are perfect. Now when I sit in my dining room looking at my beautiful garden it completes the view. It is much more enjoyable to sit on our front porch too. Before it was just grass and now we have this beautiful yard!
Donna C.

Why Eco-Yards?

Eco-Yards™ specializes in low-maintenance landscapes that are water-wise and can be maintained organically. We love designing and installing beautifully flowered environments for year-round colour. Native plants are incorporated to support local pollinators and the natural ecosystem.

The Eco-Yards™ team works in the Calgary, Alberta and surrounding area.

Sustainable practices that have the least impact on the environment and actually restore the environment are used as much as possible. We are continually learning and improving this area of our work.