Eco-yards is gearing up for an exciting 2024 landscaping season! We’ve got a robust backlog of projects lined up for May and a surge of interest, leading us to craft exciting new eco-friendly designs for summer installation. Our compost tea spray services have been a hit with customers taking advantage of our early winter pricing – there’s still time to snag discounted rates by signing up before March 15th. Plus, we’re thrilled to offer enhanced maintenance services to keep your Eco-Yard looking its best.

Existing customers looking to enhance their yards with new features or plants are welcome to bring us their smaller projects – we’re here to help every step of the way!

Rain barrels and rainwater harvesting have become a major focus, driven by last year’s water restrictions. We’ve got plenty of simple, cost-effective options for rain barrels that are never subject to watering restrictions. It’s an easy way to conserve water!

There’s growing interest in alternative turf and groundcover options, with more folks seeking low-maintenance, water-wise solutions. We’re incorporating clover and microclover into more lawns to keep them green while using less water. Clover naturally fixes nitrogen into the soil, contributing to greener lawns, and when mixed with our slow growing, drought-resistant grass, it creates a symbiotic relationship for a lush, resilient lawn. These lawns are also more resistant to dog urine. We’re continuously exploring alternative turf and native plant options for groundcover, and we’d love to chat more about it with you if you’re interested!

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We’re excited to help you with your landscaping needs in 2024.