We are frequently asked if you should be power-raked or aerate lawns in spring. The Eco-Yards answer is no, probably not.

Thatch is the build up of dead and decomposing grass plants. If managed properly, thatch can actually benefit your lawn by holding in moisture. In addition, a healthy soil has many healthy micro-organisms in it that will ‘eat’ excess thatch and return many beneficial nutrients back to the soil.

When to Aerate

If your soil is extremely compacted, you might want to consider aerating your lawn. Soil compaction sometimes occurs naturally by the wetting and drying cycle of the soil. Compacted soil makes it very difficult for roots to spread properly.

The Eco-Yards Way

Eco-Yards prefers to work with the natural ecosystem over trying to control it through mechanical means. Applying compost or compost tea to your lawn will naturally loosen your soil. It also adds moisture and many beneficial nutrients and micro-organisms. This approach will contribute to both a healthy lawn and healthier environment.