Sign up by March 15 and Receive a Discount on Eco-Yards Compost Tea Spray

Eco-Yards Compost tea spray is a natural organic way to add nutrients to your plants and soil, and restore the micro-organisms in your yards eco-system  (or soil foodweb). This helps make your plants healthier and more able to resist disease and troublesome insects.   

The Eco-yards™ Spray service is offered three times a season in Calgary and region to bring more life and health to your plants.

Eco-yards Compost Tea Spray is becoming more popular as people look for natural organic methods to improve the health of their yards and plants, and reduce the use of chemicals that can destroy the healthy micro-organisms in your yard.

For more information, check out our website resources page, and our page providing more in-depth information on the spray. 

Follow this link: Eco-Yards Aerated Compost Tea Spray – Calgary, AB .

Thanks to our many clients who’ve taken advantage of our early winter pricing.  We still have discounted pricing for spray for those who sign up by March 15th