On behalf of Eco-yards and our staff, I wish you a lovely holiday season. It seems a year to truly reconnect with what is most important and I hope you have that opportunity over the season.

Foothills Nursery Living Christmas Trees

Foothills Nursery near Calgary (one of our trusted tree suppliers) is offering live Christmas trees you can plant in your yard next growing season! They only had about 50 left as of Monday.
Check those out here https://foothillsnurseries.com 

Growing a Greener World is my favourite gardening show. Joe Lamp’l, based in Georgia, USA, travels the US interviewing landscapers, food gardeners, and others who are making the world more sustainable. The program airs on PBS on Saturday mornings and has been an inspiration for me through the years.                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Growing a Greener World programs are on their website and usually feature a do-it-yourself section and sometimes a cooking section as well!

In season 11, episode 13 (watch it here) videos are sent in by gardeners and others about how this year of the pandemic, gardening has brought them comfort, the opportunity to help and build community and restore the planet. It is so moving and hopeful – enjoy it!


Another PBS show  The Age of Nature – “Changing” (episode here) has examples from around the world of how restoring nature is slowing climate change. This show also is a beacon of hope and inspiration.


This year was Eco-yards 15th year of operation. We had a crew film me showcasing three of our signature Eco-yards and talking with the clients about the joy their yard brings to them and their children. We will send those out early next year once they are edited.


 The filmmakers on scene 

It was encouraging to reflect on what Eco-yards has achieved in 15 years: designing, installing and maintaining yards that:

• delight our clients and their neighbours

• build community

• give the opportunity for families to learn more about food and native plants

• manage water beautifully

• restore the natural world

• offer a symphony of colour year round 

Click here to see examples of completed projects and you can see for yourself!

I look forward to continuing and invite you to contact me in January/ February to book a consult to start designing your Eco-yard! 

Happy Holidays!
Laureen from Eco-yards