An article written by Natalie Noble, for Creb Now.

” The main features of xeriscaping are simple: use less water by decreasing lawn space, and replacing it with native and well-adapted plants that require less water, including perennial flowers, trees, and shrubs. “In our environment, yes, we see grass across the prairies, but it’s not the same variety that’s used in our lawns, which are mostly mixes containing Kentucky Blue Grass,” said Laureen Rama, owner of Eco-yards. “It doesn’t do well here. It requires a lot of water and fosters lots of weeds.” Rama and her team at Eco-yards have been creating beautiful, environmentally friendly yards in Calgary for 14 years – a far cry from the stereotypical visions of gravel, tall grass and cacti that might come to mind. “There’s a lot of beauty available in the native prairie ecosystem,” he said. “It’s so diverse.” ”

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