While we all love warm sunny weather, there is definitely a drawback. Many of our trees and lawns get dry and thirsty since there is little natural water feeding them.To maintain a healthy root system that is the basis for a healthy tree, this is the time to start mindfully watering both your evergreen and leaf-bearing trees.

What’s The Best Way to Water?

It is vital that water gets to the roots of your plants. The best way to get it there is to slowly trickle water around the drip line of the tree. The drip line is the distance from the trunk where water naturally drips off the tree branches into the soil.

Watering trees properly may take up to an hour or longer per tree. Keep the water on a very low trickle to ensure it is absorbed completely into the soil rather than running off and causing soil erosion.

Give Grass Roots Time to Spread

To build a healthy root system in your lawn, consider waiting until later in the season to water. This will force the root system further down into the soil to seek out natural water.

When you do choose to water your lawn, remember to water deeply and less often to further build a strong and deep root system. Lawns require about 1” of water per week if there is no natural rain water falling from the sky. Tip: Keep an upside down Frisbee available to measure the water. A full Frisbee equals an inch of water and then it’s time to turn off the taps!