A Garden for Food and Dogs in Aspen Woods

Anne with her dog

The Challenge

This homeowner loves to grow her own organic food. She had a bare lot in very rocky Aspen Woods.

The Solution

We built her raised vegetable beds filled with rich, composted soil and a compost bin at the back of the yard. We also put in a native raspberry patch. A chain link fence as per neighbourhood specs keeps the dogs in and other critters out. Near the house we put more raised beds where the homeowner grows tomatoes, eggplants and peppers watered with a giant raised rain barrel.

Near the house, we built a rustic paver patio surrounded by beds with flowers and fruit bushes and trees: currants, apples, honeyberries and a saskatoon. Rustic willow furniture and trellises made by one of our crew completes the natural look. A hardy, no-mow lawn keeps the dogs happy.

When I first spoke with Laureen Rama, I had a new city lot and a few ideas. I wanted a vegetable garden, some perennial flowers and a small patch of grass and I didn’t want to water or mow much at all. What Laureen introduced me to is a world of flowering shrubs that produce edible berries, apple and cherry trees that provide both shade and delicious fruit, and attractive local plants that thrive in our climate with little extra attention. All of this is now tucked into my city lot along with my favorite perennials, into a natural landscape which incorporates wood, stone and wood chip mulch. In the middle of this is my small patch of low maintenance grass. Laureen worked with me to produce an oasis that will feed both our bodies and our souls for years to come! Thank you Laureen!”

“P.S. Two years later – The compost turned out just great last year. It’s the first time I’ve ever had success so I attribute that to the great design of the bin you put in for me. We also had currant jam this year, not much but it was delicious!

Anne D. The owner of this yard.

Here are more photos of this project


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