Full Yard – Beauty Year-Round with Lots of Food

The yard is beautiful year-round. It’s way less maintenance than cutting the grass was. We brag a lot about how we don’t have to run a lawnmower. It’s quite a hit with all the original members of the community. Lots of the plants that we’ve planted here are indigenous so they recognize a lot of them and haven’t seen them for awhile, so they like to stand and walk and talk and point out all the different things going on.

Ryan L'Heureux

Homeowner Ryan gives a tour of his yard

Wild Strawberries

The Challenge

The homeowner are a couple with two daughters located on a corner property with lots of yard space. The father is a former chef who wanted their two young daughters to relate to where and how food is grown with the ability to pick and process it themselves. The family wanted to take advantage of the outdoor space they have, and also realized that caring for the lawn was too much work and not sustainable. As well as growing food, they wanted some space in which to relax and play. The mother wanted their daughters to learn more about native pollinators and the cycles of nature. She also wanted the yard to be visually beautiful with colour year round.

The Solution

To create their dream yard, nearly all of the lawn was removed except for a small space for the children to play and enjoy picnics. The Eco-yards crew removed an existing chain link fence and installed a custom wood fence as well as a hammock stand with a shade pergola. (A few years later, the couple took out the Eco-Yards fence to make a higher, longer fence themselves).

Near the front door is a Trembling Aspen grove that trembles in the wind making a beautiful sound near their dining room balcony. Under the Aspens are ground covers such as wild Strawberries as an imitation of what you would see in nature. In the alley way are edible bushes: Saskatoons, Gold Currants, Gooseberries, and Raspberries, with natural logs placed in front to protect them from traffic. To water the alley plants with rainwater, an underwater weeping tile was installed in an ‘S’ from the downspout.

Other edibles in the yard include Apple and Pear trees, Honeyberries, Grapes and lots of vegetables.

For all season colour, bushes that have winter interest were planted around the street view of the property such as; Dogwoods (red bark), Paper Birch tree, blue and green Junipers, Mountain Pine, and Dwarf Mugo Pines. Some of Eco-yards favourite native pollinator plants were designed into the space as well: Pussy Toes, Sticky and White Geranium, Prairie Crocus, Shooting Stars, Kinnikinnick, and Roses.

The family loves their yard and neighbours walk by often to see what is currently in bloom and fruit. Local children graze of the wild Strawberries. Many people give them lovely compliments.

Since we installed this yard, the clients have signed up every year for the Eco-yards Spray (Compost tea) service to keep their yard healthy and lush. 

Here are more photos of this project


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