Front Yard in Marda Loop

The Challenge

The homeowner is a busy oilpatch executive originally from Scotland. He wanted a low-maintenance yard that would be good for the environment and nice to view from the porch where he sits and plays his guitar.  The homeowner also professed to loving pink-coloured granite.After looking at photos, he decided he wanted a look that would remind him of the low heather on the Scottish moors.

The Solution

We built a rock river from the downspout of the roof at the front corner of the house to a sandstone ledge that ends about 6 feet before the city sidewalk. This river has some pinkish granite boulders. Rocks used in a sweat lodge were also brought in from a local source. Beautiful blue and purple Montana river rock were brought to fill the river in. The rock river distributes rain water through part of the yard.

Everything newly planted is under a foot high. Plants were chosen so that something is blooming all season long. A low creeping pine will eventually fill to 9 feet wide and brings colour in the winter.

I love the flower gardens Laureen did for me. I spoke with Laureen, giving her an idea of what I wanted and she implemented exactly what I had envisioned. Within 72 hours it was done! The layout, the timing of flowering, and the colour scheme are perfect. Now when I sit in my dining room looking at my beautiful garden it completes the view. It is much more enjoyable to sit on our front porch too. Before it was just grass and now we have this beautiful yard! Thank you so much Laureen.

Donna C.

Here are more photos of this project